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Flying of Time-Party for Retired Veterans in 2014

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-11

Flying of Time - Party for Retired Veterans in 2014
        Released by: youth league committee released at: 2014-12-3

        In the night of November 30th, 2014, the party "Flying of Time" for retired veterans-was held by the youth league committee at Xiamen University and military team 73322 branch 71 in the Pearl Bay force base. The party is held by the recreation department of college of arts at Xiamen University and youth league general branch of department of music. With the hard work of the students from two institutions, everyone felt the brotherly love and had a great time.
    At three o'clock in the afternoon, staff arrived at the force base preparing for the party. It rained unexpectedly. However, nobody was discouraged by the rain. Everyone put on their rain coat and did their work carefully. They also covered all items to prevent being wet, as the preparation for the party went on.
    At seven o'clock, Zhou Yixi, from College of Arts and Wang Su, from military team 73322 branch 71 started the party by his warm greetings. Four girls who share the same register but with different tone quality, sang the popular song "I Love You, China". The song expressed the greetings to country and the soldiers. They all sang with the enthusiasm. Audience sang along with those performers: "I wish to be the rushing riptide or the river in the forest". The poem "I wish to be the rushing riptid" read by Du Zhengguan, impressed the audience very much. After that, student Huo Jingzhen performed the song named "Curtain" by erhu which made raised the popularity of this Chinese song. There is a special style by playing this tune on Erhu.
    When the performance of Erhu is finished, the dancers from college of arts performed "Our Times" elegently. The red handkerchief they hold in hands seemed to be unified with their bodies. Sometimes handkerchief danced; sometimes covered face. When dancers stood on their toes, time passes by just like the timewill never return as those soldiers lifetime. Then, two lovely girls sang "Cloudy Day" hand-in-hand which describes the confusion of love. Next, Liu Siyu sang the song named "Sun in Hand" by  Zhang Shaohan, which displayed her characteristic high tune. This song symbolizes veterans' life is like the sun in their hands, bright and yet full of energy.
  Before leaving the force base where those veterans lived for many years, they sang the song "A world out there" to express their nostalgic emotions. The host, Zhou Yixi, sang the song "Landscapes" for veterans with deep love and received a huge applause from veterans. Students Mi Can's skillful dance, named "Went to the North", made a good use of the stage which impressed audience deeply. There were many games during the performance which kept audience busy and increased the friendship between students and veterans.
     At the end of the party, all veterans went onto the stage and sang a collection of songs. No matter how long they have been separated from each other after serving in the military, and no matter how much changes occur in the society, the brotherhood between them will never be replaced.
    The party has not only showed the positive energy of our students, but also increased the friendship between veterans and students. Their deep friendship showed veterans' love towards students and students respect to veterans. They will build together a harmonious society.
           Write by: Guo Ming, Chen   Jingjun photo by: Qin Can

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A Serenade of Geng- Xiamen University's 93th Anniversary Music Festiva

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-06

Xiamen University announces its 93th year of strong determination and relentless strive in form of various types of festive music performances. April 10, 2014, on behalf of the communist party board of Xiamen university college of arts, the music festival took place in the grand concert hall of Xiamen University College of Arts. This evening has brought highlights on performers whose impressive performances have been touched upon by the sweetest and most tenderly love shared with each and every audience.
The commencement of Xiamen University's 93th anniversary music festival was filled in with the invigorating Chinese Folk ensemble piece titled "Sichuan General'Code ", which has brought upon the first tidal wave of excitement. The following of the program was presented by the Music Society of Ocarina with pieces like "Canon" and the theme of Mizayaki's"Ponyo on the Cliff".
The Music Festival of Xiamen University's 93th anniversary has given the clubs ( Clubs of Folk music ensemble, Ocarina Ensemble,Tik Tac dance, Voice...etc.)of the College of Arts a wonderful opportunity to perform in public for the first time. Their performances have been flourished by the performances presented in all forms, blending entertainment in all forms such as solo tenor's Chinese pop song named "Love has Returned"; "The Creation"by Tic Tac dance club; female voice duo's "The Abysmal Tribute". The clubs of Arts in Xiamen University has presented an impeccable collaborations infused with skillful and rejuvenating showmanship recording a memorable and significant milestone of the ever-changing Xiamen University. This milestone of 93th birthday symbolizes an academy of goals and wish to a better and brighter future.

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The Transatlantic Nightingale - Mezzo Soprano Feng Shuos Vocal Recital

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-03

Mezzo soprano Feng Shuo started vocal lesson at age 8 receiving serious training from professors Ma Shumin, Sun Dongfang, Wu Siwei and Hou Lianna.

In 2008 she entered the music program of Xiamen University pursuing bachelor of music degree and graduated with excellent GPA and impressive performance achievement.

In 2012, she was recommended for free entrance enrollment of graduate program and studied with Professor Chen Yanfang.

During the years of undergraduate and graduate studies, she took roles of Zheng Xiaoying's Opera Center and was well received for her roles in "La Traviata", "Wiseteria" and "Yue Fei".

She was the winner of Fujian province vocal competitions, and was the represented as friendship ambassador to countries like Lybia, Nigeria and Taiwan. Her outstanding performances have won her couple terms of prestigious scholarships such as "Trinity of Excellent Student".

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Professor Chen Yanfang's Studio: The Grad Students' Recital

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-03

Time: March 9th 7:30pm  
Location: Grand Concert Hall of Xiamen University College of Arts
Coach: Professor Chen Yanfang
Pianist: Xu Lin, Deng Yu
Sponsor: Xiamen University School of Arts
Executive producers: Su Li, Lin Fenqiang, Chen Shuhua, Zhou Xianbao
Stage Supervisor: Lv Jingling, Fu Yanjue, Wang Mengyang, Zhang Yunke, Lai Yunzhu

Professor Chen's short biography:
    Chen Yanfang is professor, graduate student's instructor, Chair of the music department, Vice chairman of MFA program of Xiamen University. He is also the members of The Chinese Society of Education of Music branch, Fujian Academic Degree of Examine Arbitration and Fujian Foreign Affair Counsel. He was the visiting fellow of colleges in Australia, Britian and Russia.
     He was the silver medal prize winner of Coastal 12- City Voice Competition in China. He also vigorously participated in the role play of operatic drama "Mack the Knife" by Kurt Weill and was the assistant director of "Fair Lady Amei" by Chen Geng. His papers were published in the following printings: "Music Research", " Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music", "Guang Ming Daily", "Journal of Xiamen University", and "Journal of People's Music".  He edited "Studies of Italian Aria- 4th Edition"; "Studies of German and French Songs-2nd and 4th editions". These books are well received by many music graduate students.
     Professor Chen was the recipients of ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) scholarship in 2009 and BOC (Bank of China) scholarship in 2012. He was the judge of XVI International Rolando Nicolosi Vocal Competition in Rome, Italy. In 2013, he received two national distinguished teaching awards from the Fifth term of "Shenzhou Chang Xiang" and Third term of National Voice Education Association. His compilation of text books in voice lesson has being awarded the first prize of publication list in Xiamen University. He was one of the lead singers in choral works such as "Songs of Expedition" and "Yellow River".

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The Improvisation of Piano by Huang Xiaomin (Stephanie Ng)

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-03

Music improvisation is a type of performance which take unprocessed ideas and immediate music composition to communicate performer's emotion. The instrumental technique, self fulfillment and musical creativity are to be revealed through the performance of extempore, which take on variety factors of unpredictability shared between the performer, audience and stage.

Ms. Ng's recital opens to improvisatory ideas given by the audiences, who are welcomed to participate in the performance by starting a theme, allowing a greater communication and tribute to improvisation in all forms.

Ms. Ng's short biography:

Stephanie Ng was born in Malaysia. Stephanie began on the music journey at age 4 and received artistic diploma of Trinity College of London at age 16.

In 2011, she was accepted to the music department of Xiamen University and studied with Professor Li Weiming. She was the Gold medal recipient of Malaysian High School Outstanding Instrumentalist Award of Piano Division; Electronic Keyboard Competition of Fujian District and Improvisation Competition of Fujian District.

While in Malaysia, she took lesson from the notable Malaysian piano teacher Tan Lee Ean, who threw 6 collaborative recitals titled "Voice of Hand"with students of her own, presenting vigorous refreshing music ideas.

In 2011, she was the guest performer of Dustin O'Halloran's recital in Xiamen, which was well received.

In 2013, she partnered up with colleague Wang Wei under leadership of Professor Li Weiming. Together they performed extensively in places like Shanghai Normal University, Minjiang University,Fujian Normal University and Xiamen University. She also participated in the recital of Nanyin ensemble title "Dream" with American producer Kelan.  

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