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The Improvisation of Piano by Huang Xiaomin (Stephanie Ng)

2016-09-03 | Post by Network Center 

Music improvisation is a type of performance which take unprocessed ideas and immediate music composition to communicate performer's emotion. The instrumental technique, self fulfillment and musical creativity are to be revealed through the performance of extempore, which take on variety factors of unpredictability shared between the performer, audience and stage.

Ms. Ng's recital opens to improvisatory ideas given by the audiences, who are welcomed to participate in the performance by starting a theme, allowing a greater communication and tribute to improvisation in all forms.

Ms. Ng's short biography:

Stephanie Ng was born in Malaysia. Stephanie began on the music journey at age 4 and received artistic diploma of Trinity College of London at age 16.

In 2011, she was accepted to the music department of Xiamen University and studied with Professor Li Weiming. She was the Gold medal recipient of Malaysian High School Outstanding Instrumentalist Award of Piano Division; Electronic Keyboard Competition of Fujian District and Improvisation Competition of Fujian District.

While in Malaysia, she took lesson from the notable Malaysian piano teacher Tan Lee Ean, who threw 6 collaborative recitals titled "Voice of Hand"with students of her own, presenting vigorous refreshing music ideas.

In 2011, she was the guest performer of Dustin O'Halloran's recital in Xiamen, which was well received.

In 2013, she partnered up with colleague Wang Wei under leadership of Professor Li Weiming. Together they performed extensively in places like Shanghai Normal University, Minjiang University,Fujian Normal University and Xiamen University. She also participated in the recital of Nanyin ensemble title "Dream" with American producer Kelan.