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Professor Chen Yanfang's Studio: The Grad Students' Recital

2016-09-03 | Post by Network Center 

Time: March 9th 7:30pm  
Location: Grand Concert Hall of Xiamen University College of Arts
Coach: Professor Chen Yanfang
Pianist: Xu Lin, Deng Yu
Sponsor: Xiamen University School of Arts
Executive producers: Su Li, Lin Fenqiang, Chen Shuhua, Zhou Xianbao
Stage Supervisor: Lv Jingling, Fu Yanjue, Wang Mengyang, Zhang Yunke, Lai Yunzhu

Professor Chen's short biography:
    Chen Yanfang is professor, graduate student's instructor, Chair of the music department, Vice chairman of MFA program of Xiamen University. He is also the members of The Chinese Society of Education of Music branch, Fujian Academic Degree of Examine Arbitration and Fujian Foreign Affair Counsel. He was the visiting fellow of colleges in Australia, Britian and Russia.
     He was the silver medal prize winner of Coastal 12- City Voice Competition in China. He also vigorously participated in the role play of operatic drama "Mack the Knife" by Kurt Weill and was the assistant director of "Fair Lady Amei" by Chen Geng. His papers were published in the following printings: "Music Research", " Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music", "Guang Ming Daily", "Journal of Xiamen University", and "Journal of People's Music".  He edited "Studies of Italian Aria- 4th Edition"; "Studies of German and French Songs-2nd and 4th editions". These books are well received by many music graduate students.
     Professor Chen was the recipients of ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) scholarship in 2009 and BOC (Bank of China) scholarship in 2012. He was the judge of XVI International Rolando Nicolosi Vocal Competition in Rome, Italy. In 2013, he received two national distinguished teaching awards from the Fifth term of "Shenzhou Chang Xiang" and Third term of National Voice Education Association. His compilation of text books in voice lesson has being awarded the first prize of publication list in Xiamen University. He was one of the lead singers in choral works such as "Songs of Expedition" and "Yellow River".