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The Transatlantic Nightingale - Mezzo Soprano Feng Shuos Vocal Recital

2016-09-03 | Post by Network Center 

Mezzo soprano Feng Shuo started vocal lesson at age 8 receiving serious training from professors Ma Shumin, Sun Dongfang, Wu Siwei and Hou Lianna.

In 2008 she entered the music program of Xiamen University pursuing bachelor of music degree and graduated with excellent GPA and impressive performance achievement.

In 2012, she was recommended for free entrance enrollment of graduate program and studied with Professor Chen Yanfang.

During the years of undergraduate and graduate studies, she took roles of Zheng Xiaoying's Opera Center and was well received for her roles in "La Traviata", "Wiseteria" and "Yue Fei".

She was the winner of Fujian province vocal competitions, and was the represented as friendship ambassador to countries like Lybia, Nigeria and Taiwan. Her outstanding performances have won her couple terms of prestigious scholarships such as "Trinity of Excellent Student".