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One Step Closer to Autism

Sept 03.2016 | Post by Network Center 

Autism, known to many as "Lonesome disease",is a type of neural development disorder which is displayed through verbal and social inabilities. The Oscar wining movie "Rain man"is based on the story of a autistic savant. The fifth party branch of class 2012 is active to enhance understanding of music among society of all types. They utilize music to affect improved relations between and among autism patients, who studied at the "Tian Kang School of Autism"in Xiamen.

March 14, 2014 The fifth party branch began their journey with their support of music instruments to visit"Tian Kang School of Autism". With lesson plans and music instruments prepared in advance, the fifth party branch encountered communicative problems as they interact with the autistic students, to whom the instructors offered helps as to how the lesson plans should be adjusted. After discussion, the lesson plan was adjusted to focus on music instrument introduction instead of music performance.

Soon as the fifth party branch of Xiamen University students walked in the classroom, the students of Tian Kang were in disarrayed as one of the boy with yellow baseball cap burst into tears, and others were fighting over toys. Nevertheless, as the instruments were on display, they began to focus on what was on the table. The students were very excited over the looks of erhu, violin, urkulele and guitar. The sound of these instruments were brought over wowing as they got to see how the instruments were played. Many of them started to approach the instruments and imitate. The smile on their faces were the sweetest return to the fifth party branch. It is understood that they never had music lesson prior to their visitation.

Music is something magical that calls for response and exchange in return. The students of Tian Kang disclosed their hearts to the world as the music disguised as angels who call for awakening the hearts. We are proud to be the troops of party branch and we wish more troopers to join us.