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A Serenade of Geng- Xiamen University's 93th Anniversary Music Festiva

2016-09-06 | Post by Network Center 

Xiamen University announces its 93th year of strong determination and relentless strive in form of various types of festive music performances. April 10, 2014, on behalf of the communist party board of Xiamen university college of arts, the music festival took place in the grand concert hall of Xiamen University College of Arts. This evening has brought highlights on performers whose impressive performances have been touched upon by the sweetest and most tenderly love shared with each and every audience.
The commencement of Xiamen University's 93th anniversary music festival was filled in with the invigorating Chinese Folk ensemble piece titled "Sichuan General'Code ", which has brought upon the first tidal wave of excitement. The following of the program was presented by the Music Society of Ocarina with pieces like "Canon" and the theme of Mizayaki's"Ponyo on the Cliff".
The Music Festival of Xiamen University's 93th anniversary has given the clubs ( Clubs of Folk music ensemble, Ocarina Ensemble,Tik Tac dance, Voice...etc.)of the College of Arts a wonderful opportunity to perform in public for the first time. Their performances have been flourished by the performances presented in all forms, blending entertainment in all forms such as solo tenor's Chinese pop song named "Love has Returned"; "The Creation"by Tic Tac dance club; female voice duo's "The Abysmal Tribute". The clubs of Arts in Xiamen University has presented an impeccable collaborations infused with skillful and rejuvenating showmanship recording a memorable and significant milestone of the ever-changing Xiamen University. This milestone of 93th birthday symbolizes an academy of goals and wish to a better and brighter future.