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Art College of Xiamen University

2016-09-10 | Post by Network Center 

    College of the Arts is a college full of vigor and vitality in Xiamen University. As a college founded in 1983, it's obviously a youthful college for Xiamen University who has a 90-year history. However, it's the first arts college set in comprehensive universities of contemporary China. After the 30-year growth, depending on the deep humanities accumulation of Xiamen University, it now has become one of the fondest (most appealing) arts colleges that young arts students wish to enter, attracting thousands of candidates all over the country.
    College of the Arts sits on a small hill facing the sea, in the southeast of Xiamen University's Siming campus, surrounded by the dense green shade, has the advantaged and charming scenery.(Located on a small hill facing the sea, southeast of Xiamen University's Siming campus and surrounded by the dense green shade, College of the arts is particularly endowed with charming scenery ) Not far from the beautiful sandy beach and the time-honored fort, they also shed the romantic art-atmosphere with inspiration(The beautiful sandy beach nearby and the time-honored fort also diffuse romantic art-atmosphere, stimulating inspiration). The college has built a new art building recently, completing (perfecting) the teaching facilities. Apart from the classrooms, studios, rehearsal rooms and dozens of piano rooms in the old building, there is a 400-seat new music hall, a new exhibition room occupying 500 square meters and various kinds of art studios including small sculpture studios in the new building. A professional recording studio is also being prepared. The 800-seat Music Hall in Xiamen University Science and Art Centre, and the Xiamen University Student Activity Centre also offer ideal places for the teachers and students in Arts College to perform. As a city with artistic atmosphere, Xiamen has at least 3-4 public music halls and several Arts Exhibition Buildings, which our college's performance and art works are often set in.
    Originally, Arts College's name is Arts Education College, whose primary aim is to cultivate qualified arts teachers. Nowadays, it has become a professional arts college with a complete system and comprehensive courses. The college has Music Department, Fine Arts Department, Arts Research Institution, Cultural and Creative Industries Research Center, European Arts Centre and General Arts Institution. There are over one thousand students, more than one hundred full-time teachers and scores of part-time teachers. The college supplies degrees of bachelor, master and MFA. In addition, there are many outstanding artists and scholars from all over China and the world, as the visiting professors of Arts College, giving lessons, lectures, concerts and exhibitions every year. As a college across to Taiwan, the communications between Arts College and Taiwan's colleges are the most frequent and featured in China mainland colleges. In the international communication, teachers and students of Arts College often act as the cultural ambassadors, take the characteristic culture and arts to visit foreign countries(visiting foreign countries with our own characteristic culture and arts).
    Arts College insists on supplying systematic art education for the students in college. Meanwhile, it is also devoted to supplying the general art education for all the non-art majored students in Xiamen University. The college depends on comprehensive university, centres in art creation, and bases on studying from Chinese and abroad, building up interdisciplinary subjects and characteristic disciplines within the great-leap-forward development as well as promoting the quality-oriented education; it aims at developing potential, cultivating high-level art talents with both traditional and innovative spirit.