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Flying of Time-Party for Retired Veterans in 2014

2016-09-11 | Post by Network Center 

Flying of Time - Party for Retired Veterans in 2014
        Released by: youth league committee released at: 2014-12-3

        In the night of November 30th, 2014, the party "Flying of Time" for retired veterans-was held by the youth league committee at Xiamen University and military team 73322 branch 71 in the Pearl Bay force base. The party is held by the recreation department of college of arts at Xiamen University and youth league general branch of department of music. With the hard work of the students from two institutions, everyone felt the brotherly love and had a great time.
    At three o'clock in the afternoon, staff arrived at the force base preparing for the party. It rained unexpectedly. However, nobody was discouraged by the rain. Everyone put on their rain coat and did their work carefully. They also covered all items to prevent being wet, as the preparation for the party went on.
    At seven o'clock, Zhou Yixi, from College of Arts and Wang Su, from military team 73322 branch 71 started the party by his warm greetings. Four girls who share the same register but with different tone quality, sang the popular song "I Love You, China". The song expressed the greetings to country and the soldiers. They all sang with the enthusiasm. Audience sang along with those performers: "I wish to be the rushing riptide or the river in the forest". The poem "I wish to be the rushing riptid" read by Du Zhengguan, impressed the audience very much. After that, student Huo Jingzhen performed the song named "Curtain" by erhu which made raised the popularity of this Chinese song. There is a special style by playing this tune on Erhu.
    When the performance of Erhu is finished, the dancers from college of arts performed "Our Times" elegently. The red handkerchief they hold in hands seemed to be unified with their bodies. Sometimes handkerchief danced; sometimes covered face. When dancers stood on their toes, time passes by just like the timewill never return as those soldiers lifetime. Then, two lovely girls sang "Cloudy Day" hand-in-hand which describes the confusion of love. Next, Liu Siyu sang the song named "Sun in Hand" by  Zhang Shaohan, which displayed her characteristic high tune. This song symbolizes veterans' life is like the sun in their hands, bright and yet full of energy.
  Before leaving the force base where those veterans lived for many years, they sang the song "A world out there" to express their nostalgic emotions. The host, Zhou Yixi, sang the song "Landscapes" for veterans with deep love and received a huge applause from veterans. Students Mi Can's skillful dance, named "Went to the North", made a good use of the stage which impressed audience deeply. There were many games during the performance which kept audience busy and increased the friendship between students and veterans.
     At the end of the party, all veterans went onto the stage and sang a collection of songs. No matter how long they have been separated from each other after serving in the military, and no matter how much changes occur in the society, the brotherhood between them will never be replaced.
    The party has not only showed the positive energy of our students, but also increased the friendship between veterans and students. Their deep friendship showed veterans' love towards students and students respect to veterans. They will build together a harmonious society.
           Write by: Guo Ming, Chen   Jingjun photo by: Qin Can