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Leaders and teachers of College of Art visited the Injured Student

2016-09-11 | Post by Network Center 

   Leaders and teachers of College of Arts visited the Injured Student
   In the night of 19th November 2014, deputy party secretary of College of Arts - Zhou Jiangtao, counselor - Wang Yaqun, part-time counselor Yang Huali and some students visitedthe injured student in the students dormitory. The injured student is a sophomore, majors in folk and vocal music in music department. He twisted his foot and bone broke out his skin, while playing tennis during class of physical education. Soon he was sent to the hospital for stitches and bandage. Later he came back to dormitory to rest. Secretary Zhou and his classmates visited him with milk and fruits.
   Secretary Zhou asked the injured student: "How are you feeling about your feet?","Is it inconvenient to move around?","How long will it take to recover?","If you  couldn't go to class, remember to tell the teachers that your foot was injured and explain to them the situation. If you have any trouble, you can tell me or counselor, so that we may help you as much as possible." There were some simple and warm greetings that express thoughtful kindness of leaders of College of Arts. Secretary Zhou also reminded him not to ignore studies during his recovery, especially English, reading books is needed. At the same time, he reminded every student pay attention to safety when exercising. The injured student lives on the seventh floor, it was very difficult for him to climb the stairs, his classmates promised to take care of him.
   During this visit, the secretary and teachers took care of him and expressed the deep care from leaders and teachers of College of Arts. He is deeply moved by their sincere concern, team-work and thoughtfulness, which made him feel the warmness in the family of arts.