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The Actual Record of First Annual International Music Festival of Xiamen University (IV)

2016-09-30 | Post by Network Center 

    The Actual Record of First Annual International Music Festival of Xiamen University (IV)
              - Professor Hiroko Fukui, Anthony John Thwaites and Tassilo Kaiser Masterclasses
    July 4, 2014 of Xiamen University College of Arts welcomes Professor Fukui from Berlin School of Music who gave wonderful lessons on pieces of Liszt "La Campanella", "Rigoletto"and Schubert's sonata Op.120. In regard to the performance techniques of these pieces, Prof. Fukui stressed on the importance of Schubert's lyricism, to which pianists ought to practice with singing and playing coordination. In regard to Liszt's "La Campanella", her remarks was intriguing as she mentioned that students should not be led with teacher's doctrine but to think with his/her intelligence.  
The masterclass in the afternoon was directed by Prof. Thwaites from Birmingham Conservatory, whose humorous teaching style has attracted many students of Xiamen University. Prof. Thwaites worked on pieces "Mazeppa"by Liszt and "Aborado del gracioso" by Ravel, which are considered technical challenged. From his teaching we have learned that dynamic contrasts outweighs loudness, therefore; it is important to understand the structure and peak of a piece with sensitive artist instinct. Pieces by Ravel requires refine rhythmic control, because Ravel's delicacy in music comes from his hobby for mechanical Swiss watch.
  The violin masterclass by Mr. Tassillo Kaiser have attracted good turnout in the small concert hall. Mr. Kaiser is the director of Da Ponte Berlin ensemble, and member of Trio-Palmano Trio, Berlin Billorth and Accordov Quartet.