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Professor LiMing's Platform

2016-09-30 | Post by Network Center 

    Professor LiMing's Platform
        —the Relations Between Piano Teaching Technology Factors and Intensity Factors

    July 4, afternoon, Prof. Li, chairperson of Department of Piano at the China Music College, presided over a distinctive platform relating to teaching technology, which was totally different from the previous master classes and seminars during this occasion. His lecture emphasized on the proper methods to solve the problems of teaching and learning process through his humorous way, bringing students a hilarious and dynamic atmosphere.

    Prof. Li firstly mentioned that technology factors and intensity factors were different concepts. The former one consisted of six factors—play, strut, articulation, wave, control, and pattern, which implied the same piano performance skills. Given that play means consecutive and flexible play; articulation means to hit keys by various speeds, angles, and positions; pattern means various fingertip gestures and postures. All of these sound easy but they need long-term reassessment and digestion of theory and practice.

    Prof. Li, soon after, brought about intensity factors, which were not obstruction to piano performance. They contained strength, velocity, endurance, stability, accuracy, and certainty. Stability means to play the piano stably and firmly with these factors and accuracy means to pay heed on each note while playing. Based on his long period of teaching experience, he found that few teachers in comprehensive colleges lacked of strength training or good lesson preparation. And students needed to find their upsides and downsides of playing the piano while learning.