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2014 Summer Holiday Social Practice Report - 4 class of 2013 grade research in "YunShuiYao"

2016-09-30 | Post by Network Center 

    2014 Summer Holiday Social Practice Report
      - 4 class of 2013 grade research in "YunShuiYao"

    On June 17 2014 morning, the members reported to the seaside restaurant at the entrance early and then embarked on a journey of YunShuiYao summerHoliday social practice.
At noon, after three hours of road trip, the team finally arrived at the Nanjing of Zhangzhou city YunShuiYao. Arrived at the destination, the members are attracted by the beautiful scenery of the city.
    We began the research trip. According to the distribution of the main attractions, teams were divided into three groups, each group led by their team leader, respectively in Huaiyuan building, GuiLou and yunshuiyao ancient plank road. The local natural scenery and ancient human blend well witheach other, students feel the natural environment at the same time digging behind this long history and deep cultural value of science.
    Founded in Nanjing in the middle of the earth, thousands of attitude, the two groups were investigated with the most representative "the best in all the land and GuiLou and Double Round Earthen HuaiYuan building, know the origin of the name, historical and cultural value and construction principle of the two treasures of the survey also have a unique style, living in residents of the age structure, its life is the source of economic" down to earth "s information. In addition to earth, "the knot" movie shooting locations -- quiet long road, a hundred years old banyan are local attractions, another group with ecological environment yunshuiyao ancient history as a starting point, to investigate the local residents of water sources, living environment. Local residents warm rustic, students get a lot of useful information during the visit, it is worth mentioning that the members also interviewed a old man who served President Xi's visit, old man not only carefully explained, also offered nice songs.
    In the evening , the members return to the hotel, began a group of research information to share and sum up. After dinner, everyone gathered in the room on the first floor began to play the game. The next day, members of tour scenery in yunshuiyao, collecting the data.
    Most of this activity is to study and practice in class 4 as the main body of the students in class 4, this is the last time before placement as a large set of travel, the significance is self-evident. Detached scenery, unique folk customs, leaving a profound human resources. Every one with full load is not material, but cultural emotion and spirit.