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Speech by renowned Singer, Mr. Jingma Fan

| BY Network Center | 2016-09-03

Speech by renowned Singer, Mr. Jingma Fan at Xiamen Universitywas wellreceived

as well as the success of Xiamen University¡¯s 2nd¡°Across the Taiwan Straits¡± Music Seminar.

24.08.2014 10:10:30 / College of Arts

Former Vice Premier Lanqing Li lectured in our university on 21th December, 2013. Inthe eveningconcert, Lanqing Li and Jingma Fan sang together Yuanren Zhao¡¯s Chinese art song¡¶How Could I Not Miss Her?¡·and received huge popularity. Meanwhile, Lanqing Li suggested thatthe college of arts at Xiamen university to do further research about Chinese artsongs.

At the suggestion of Lanqing Li, college of art invited Jingma Fan to give lectures in July this year. OnJuly 7th, 2014, Jinma Fan was invited by the college of art to give a week-long lectures for faculty members and students. During this period, Jingma Fangave master classes everydayfor teachers and students. Throughindividual lessonsJingma Fan made  detailed analysis and explanationon each student¡¯s skills and timbre. Mr. Fan also gave lots of illustration during his teaching. Both teachers and students were deeply moved by his solid and beautiful tone, as well as his lively explaination. Mr. Fan inspired his students and audience profoundly by his extensive vocal knowledge, various teaching methods, rich life experience and humble manners.Mr. Fan isconsidered as respectable as the influential vocalist in China ¨C Xiang Shen.

Mr. Fan is ananimateurof Chinese art songs(Yage),who combined the singing technique of Bel Canto, lieder style and Chinese poetry. Yage is the world¡¯s sixth singing technique based on Chinese language. To take this opportunityfor further discussion, Xiamen University¡¯s 2nd¡°Across the Taiwan Straits¡± Music Seminarwas held in College of Arts on July 11th. During the seminar, Jingma Fan, Yalun Zhang (the famous US-based baritone singer), Xiaolu Wu (the famous US-based soprano singer) and other vocal artists, Qingji Sun, Yiying Zhang, San Zhang, Taiwan vocalists and poetsparticipated in the discussion and sharedabout Yage¡¯s current situation and future development.At 8 pm on July 11 the 2nd¡°Across the Taiwan Straits¡± Music Seminarth, ¡°Yayunqingfeng Summer Vocal Concert¡±¨Cpartof The 2nd Cross Strait Music Seminar¡±Series will be held in the concert hall of College of ArtsatXiamen University. Many Vocalist will beshowcasing Yage and other masterpieces.

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